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  • Kate 22:01 on 2019-09-14 Permalink | Reply  

    There was a bit of a twitterquake Saturday at Réjean Tremblay’s headline in the Journal: Bianca: Vive Toronto et fuck Montréal! Now, Bianca Andreescu didn’t say this, or anything like it, but apparently the young woman didn’t do anything to woo Montreal media when she came to train here this week. It’s not clear to me why she should owe Tremblay a damn thing, but – and yes, I know “fuck” is not considered a swear word in French – it’s a little rough for him to imagine her saying this, and then castigate her for it. And it’s a harsh word to see in the headline of a supposedly major media outlet.

    We’ll hear more about this anon.

    • steph 06:23 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      She’s from Thornhill, Ontario, a Toronto suburb. JdM should get bent, no one owes them anything.

    • Michael Black 08:15 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      Didn’t Genie Bouchard get flack from the local press? I forget exactly, but something like she wasn’t acting like a Quebecois? Maybe her name, or living in Westmount, or that she moved away after her success?

      So maybe the writers think star athletes need to be loyal to Quebec.


    • Kate 08:46 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      Michael, as steph points out, Andreescu isn’t from Quebec so she can’t be slammed on the same basis Eugénie Bouchard was. Tremblay’s only talking point is that Andreescu does some of her training at the Jarry Park tennis facility. (The irony is that Andreescu may have refused to talk to the press here because she knew about the flak Bouchard took. I don’t know whether Andreescu speaks any French.)

      Among other things, Bouchard was criticized by Bock-Côté for going by Genie instead of Eugénie, and not doing more to present herself as a Québécoise internationally. Never mind that Quebec does not play as a nation in international tennis.

      The fact that these are both young women excelling in a high-profile sport seems to encourage a certain type of male journalist to hit them hard.

    • Uatu 11:07 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      Such a non article although the JDM website layout makes it look like he’s a bitter ol’man sitting in a corner seething in anger at this ungrateful young’un. Actually pretty accurate if you think about it…hahaha

    • Blork 19:08 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      Regarding Genie Bouchard, she didn’t exactly endear herself to the Quebec sports media in 2014 when a journalist in France asked her if she speaks French and she replied in the affirmative the added “Je ne parle pas avec un accent québécois, alors au moins, ça c’est bon.” She’ll carry that one around for the rest of her life.

    • Faiz Imam 21:54 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      Anther thing with Genie is that in practice she mostly moved to Florida by the age of 13 to focus on tennis training. Unlike someone like Felix who is very much a “gars de chez nous” Genie was always a bit distant from the culture until she had success (at which point it made her a lot of money to present as local)

    • SMD 09:48 on 2019-09-16 Permalink

      Money which Bouchard shifted to Florida, where she established residency to pay lower taxes in 2015, and now to the Bahamas, where for tax reasons she currently resides. I think that didn’t go over well with the general population.

      But as this overview of tax evasion in sports notes, Milos Raonic and Félix Auger-Aliassime are both residents of Monaco, and Denis Shapovalov and Vasek Pospisil are Bahamian for tax purposes as well. Being young and female does seem to bring added scrutiny and attacks.

    • Faiz Imam 19:43 on 2019-09-16 Permalink

      Sure, all major international athletes engage in as much tax avoidance as they can get away with. I’m fully aware of that, but its not why i pointed Genie moved to Florida.

  • Kate 20:59 on 2019-09-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Volunteers made dives looking for trash in the river off Lachine Saturday, and at the same time I see a piece about a group cleaning up a river near St-Jérôme.

    I’m not denying these are beneficial acts that will help the local environment a little, but I suspect what we’re seeing here is ways people have found to work off climate anxiety. There was a similar story two weeks ago about people picking up cigarette butts in Verdun. Aesthetically satisfying, and not an entire waste of time, but the scale of the problem is so far beyond this kind of good will.

    Update: CTV covers the story Sunday and mentions four tons of trash and a motorbike, also that Lachine wants to remove a lot more trash and reopen beaches that used to exist there but haven’t in decades. This action is inspired by diver and filmmaker Nathalie Lasselin, who was also in the news last year for spending 24 hours in the river.

    • Dominic 22:50 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

      A lot of people are starting to suffer from environmental anxiety. The idea that the Earth is doomed and we’re past the point of being able to do anything. Small acts like this help maintain positive outlooks.

      Maybe something people are doing to help them feel like they’re a little bit in control of the future?

    • Roman 23:18 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

      We are picking up trash in our neighbourhood. But it has nothing to do with environmental anxiety. I just don’t like garbage laying around for months of lawns, bushes, etc. I like my city clean, thank you.

    • Michael Black 08:24 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      Kate’s point isn’t about doing a cleanup, but whether some get involved because they think it will save the planet.

      When Earth Day was resurrected in 1990 and became an annual event, we saw some local cleanups, they still happen, but I thought at the time that sweeping sidewalks is not the same thing as clearing garbage out of the wilderness. The cleanups could happen without connecting to “the environment”.

      People want to do things, but are they doing it for the right reasons? Some things, mostly beyond the average person, has way more impact than what an average person can do. They should still do things, but won’t save the world if that’s their intention.

      Cleaning up a river has value in itself (though better the junk not land there in the first place), but it won’t solve climate change, if that’s their motive.


    • Faiz Imam 19:46 on 2019-09-16 Permalink

      While I agree to an extent that this is performative environmentalism, there is a parallel movement going on.

      A recent trend that I really love is the #Trashtag on twitter and reddit, where people all over the world post before and after shots of absolutely horrible littering and their subsequent cleanup efforts.

      Its very inspiring, and often leads to retaking and reactivating public spaces that have been abandoned or forgotten. Its a serious public service, and core to our sense of community. It’s not a given that we keep our surroundings clean and proper.

  • Kate 08:42 on 2019-09-14 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is preparing to fine Lime scooter users who break its rules, or fine the company itself, but only starting October 21.

    • Uatu 09:56 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

      Ummm… Isn’t the scooter season finished by then?

    • Kate 10:07 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

      You might eke out another month or so, depending when the snow starts.

    • Blork 12:38 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

      On Thursday I saw a guy on Ste-Catherine O. at Mackay riding a Lime while wearing a helmet. This is only notable because it’s the only time I’ve ever seen someone on a Lime wearing a helmet.

    • Blork 12:41 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

      (Side note) Here’s a crime that surely happens a lot: some guy is walking home from a night at the pub and he’s at an intersection where some dork on a Lime pulls up and stops. Drunk pub guys shoves the guy off the Lime and takes off on it, giving himself a free ride home.

      How can that not be happening on a daily basis?

    • Faiz Imam 14:34 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

      I have not used the app, but I’m pretty sure there is a mechanism to report a lost or stolen bike, same way as if one breaks on you.

      I guess its a risk, but seems a pretty low stakes one, all told.

    • CE 10:16 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      According to the CBC, the city is going to start issuing tickets for parking in the wrong spot now. $50 to the rider if caught in the act or $100 to the company if not.

    • Kate 13:13 on 2019-09-15 Permalink

      Blork, we don’t hear anything about people getting pushed off their bicycles, which are then stolen. Why expect the same about scooters?

    • Blork 10:12 on 2019-09-16 Permalink

      Kate, knocking someone off a bike is much harder because the rider is straddling the frame of the bike. It would be a big mess with arms and legs all over, and even when the bike is knocked over the rider might still be tangled up in it. But a Lime? One shove and the Lime is yours!

  • Kate 08:40 on 2019-09-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Guilty plea in court Friday: a man who killed his mother-in-law after a squabble with his wife, back in 2016, stopped the trial by pleading guilty and was sentenced to ten years. Zine Elabidine Hajouji Idrissi is already 74 years old, with no prior history of violence, but now he’s damaged his family and probably won’t come back.

    • Kate 08:17 on 2019-09-14 Permalink | Reply  

      A man was shot in the wee hours Saturday in St‑Michel but is not expected to die. CTV item also mentions shots fired earlier down on St‑Norbert, but no victims turned up.

      Update: Police arrested a suspect Saturday night in the St‑Michel shooting.

      • Kate 08:08 on 2019-09-14 Permalink | Reply  

        The REM consortium has offered noise-cancelling headphones to some TMR residents whose back yards abut the tracks. They are not thrilled.

        • Blork 12:49 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

          That is so ridiculous it’s actually comical. So every five minutes you’re supposed to put on your noise-cancelling headphones for 30 seconds while the train passes. Alternatively, wear them all the time! I can imagine a SNL or “Like Moi” skit about this. Family of 4 all wearing their headphones at the dinner table. Conversation is something like this:

          Mom: mmffmm mfmfmmfmm mf
          Dad: WHAT???
          Mom: mmfmf mmfmm fmfmfmffm!
          Kid 1: WHAT???
          Kid 2: WHAT???
          Dad: mmfmf mmfmm fmfm fmffm!
          Mom: WHAT???

        • Faiz Imam 14:38 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

          “there are already a lot of noise-mitigation measures in place, such as a sound barrier wall along part of the tracks.”

          I’d be nice if they added more detail on exactly what “part” will have walls, because that’s the real solution.

          But also, its still an open question as to if this really will be any more or less of a problem than the current trains that have run though these people’s back yards for over 100 years.

        • steph 18:27 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

          When you buy a house next to train tracks, you can’t complain about train noise. Isn’t the noise an issue only for the upcoming construction?

        • Dhomas 21:08 on 2019-09-14 Permalink

          When they bought the houses, the trains ran a couple of times a day. The REM will run several times per hour. The REM may be quieter, though. But the situation will change for these people in a way they never asked for and could never anticipate. This is not like people moving in next to Fairmount and then complaining about smoke or moving upstairs from a music venue and complaining about noise.

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