Police chase trial plagued by tomfoolery

A year ago a police chase ended up with the injury of a woman outside her house on Sherbrooke East and now the case is in court, where the defendant is representing himself, never a good plan. The Journal item linked above is from the original story, where the defendant is described as a sovereign citizen, which might explain the stupidity.

It’s worth reading La Presse’s description of the police chase, which careened from the Jacques-Cartier bridge to the Plateau and then eastward, although the corner of Wurtele and Sherbrooke is as near as dammit to a four-corner meeting of Rosemont, the Plateau, Ville-Marie and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve so I can’t identify the borough. The items from last year mention how badly hurt the random woman was in the crash, but there’s nothing in the current item about how she’s doing.