Many REM headlines midweek

Lots of REM headlines Wednesday morning. First off, the Caisse has rejected any suggestion there could be a delay in constructing the line downtown through the old Mount Royal tunnel, via spokesman Harout Chitilian, who used to be one of Coderre’s crowd. That news story had train commuters riled up over potential delays and even provoked transport minister François Bonnardel into insisting the deadline is firm. (Even though the project was born under the Liberals, I imagine the CAQ does not want the debacle of late delivery busting out on its watch.)

As usual, the Gazette’s concern is with the West Island experience, in this case the issue of parking spots. The spokesman here is quoted saying the stations will be accessible “by bus, by active transport, by car, and other innovative mobile methods” but he doesn’t explain what those other methods might be.

The Longueuil transit service, on the other hand, is all excited about how the REM will change things there, allowing them to remove a lot of their buses from the bridge run into the city, and rethink their bus routes.

Although La Presse has a headline about a REM station coming in Griffintown there’s no firm news about exactly where, except that it will be north of the Lachine canal and not right in the Peel basin where, as André Dubuc writes here, where a stadium is planned for “the return of the Expos.”