Letter against giving the old Vic to McGill

Le Devoir has an open letter Friday against the previous Quebec government’s stated intention to make over the old Royal Vic buildings to McGill University.

Reading it made me want to ask questions:

1. Who owns the old Vic and its land?

2. Is McGill a private interest, as mentioned in the opening paragraph?

3. How much of the adjoining area of Mount Royal park, alleged to be “un vaste terrain sur le mont Royal”, is included in this deal? I don’t remember ever seeing a map of the perimeter when this was discussed before. Someone on reddit notes that part of the deal even involved removing some of the Vic’s parking lots and re-greening them.

Update: One reddit commenter put it this way: “Faut être stupide en esti pour s’opposer à l’agrandissement d’une université dans/à la place de batiments qui servent à fuckall.”