Zero waste challenge in Rosemont

CBC has an item about some Rosemont folks undertaking a zero waste challenge. I’m all for the aspects involving re-using clothing and toys and furniture, but I have several reservations about this as a goal. One is the assumption that people’s time is valueless, and another is the sad fact that this is still an elite choice.

A zero-waste bulk grocery, Loco, is handy to my place. Last time I emptied a bottle of laundry detergent (La Parisienne unscented, listed by IGA at $5.29 for 1.52L, but which I can usually find at Jean-Coutu for under $5) I brought the bottle to Loco and bought some of their cheapest laundry stuff (they have 3 options). I didn’t even fill the bottle, but it was evident that the product was going to cost me nearly twice as much as the La Parisienne. Can’t imagine how the priciest would compare.

I’m about to run out of dish detergent and am not sure whether to experiment with the Loco product, since it’s also very likely to cost twice as much as the usual stuff I get (Biovert, listed by IGA at $2.49 a bottle).

I’m not knocking Loco, which is doing a good thing, but it’s irrational that we should pay twice as much for a product without a container as with one. Zero waste will never be a generally viable concept till people can save money by doing it.

My main concern, however, is that damage to the ecosphere is carried out on a grand scale by corporations. Getting individuals to pursue zero waste is not completely pointless, but it’s a drop in a very big bucket when keeping pressure on politically is what’s called for.