CAQ immigration mess: a state of play

Benjamin Shingler writes a very good state of play about the CAQ’s immigration fumbles. I had not realized till now that Quebec has no control over refugees and family unification programs, which are overseen by the feds. The group it can pick and choose from is economic migrants. So that’s where it had to make its cuts – among people wanting to come to Quebec to study and work – which is why it keeps making missteps like trying to throw out applications from skilled workers or ending programs allowing people studying here to apply for residency.

To cap it off, the CAQ lost a vote on these reforms in the National Assembly on Wednesday because not enough of its MNAs were present.

Update: Here’s another prize: a woman from France rejected because one section of her PhD thesis was in English. She has passed the official French test but has been declined because she has not proven she knows French well enough. Given that test, two thirds of birth francophones here would be booted out.