Opposition finds new hay to make

TVA’s headline “Montréal accusée de faire du pavage électoral” is, of course, about the official opposition accusing Projet of mostly doing paving contracts in boroughs where it’s in the majority.

I can see two obvious flaws here, although there may be others.

One, Projet’s heartland is in the older parts of town, which are inevitably going to need more infrastructure work than the newer parts and the demerged cities, so it’s a given that more work has to be done there.

Two, if Projet wanted to blandish new territory under its sway, it would trumpet how it’s doing work in non-Projet areas. But instead it’s getting on with business.

Recently Kevin said it seemed I felt Ensemble have, and I quote, pissed in my cornflakes. No. I watch the headlines and call ’em as I sees ’em. The Projet administration does seem to me to be doing its job, in an even-handed, non-flashy, logical manner, but Ensemble has no other game than to find stupid angles to make people hate them – and some media eat it up, notably but not only Quebecor.

Anyway, I don’t eat cornflakes.