Polytechnique: the 30th anniversary

This week will mark the 30th anniversary of the Polytechnique massacre, and Le Devoir has a sheaf of pieces this weekend: what it was like to get the story as a rookie journalist, and a new book by Josée Boileau, who was on duty that day at the paper; an elegy published on December 8, 1989 which still rings true today.

Allison Hanes has more details about the origin of Boileau’s book in a request from Comité mémoire, a group determined not to let the killings be forgotten.

There’s bound to be more coverage this week, given it’s the 30th anniversary. The issue of gun control is also bound to follow this story.

Some thoughts from Francine Pelletier, whose name was found on the list (still unpublished) of prominent Quebec women Marc Lépine dreamed of assassinating.