My cat is street legal for 2020

I just spent $140 on my cat, bringing her shots up to date and also getting her chipped, which I hadn’t done previously, in accordance with the new law – plus $20 in taxis to and fro.

Then I went online to create an account with the city, for which I had to:

  • photograph my health card
  • photograph a recent bank statement
  • photograph the document proving she had been chipped

They already have on file a document proving she was spayed, several years ago, which is fortunate because it was done by a rescue organization and I don’t know where my copy is.

At least this part of the city website does work properly. After jumping through all these hoops, I found I had to pay a grand total of $5 for all of next year, because of exemptions for chipping and sterilization, otherwise it’s $33, although what kind of person would be sufficiently law-abiding to get a permit for a cat which they had neglected to sterilize, I do not know.

The vet told me his record for finding chips in a cat is three. I think you could write a novel explaining how that had come about.

…Aaaand now the city sends an email saying some information does not correspond, but is not explaining what’s wrong. I’m going to have to spend part of my afternoon going over to Ogilvy Avenue in person after all, aren’t I?

….Here we go. At some point I had identified myself as Kate while my legal name is Catherine and the system didn’t like that. One trip to the borough office and it’s all good.

I’m adding here to complete the story: a month after I did all this good-citizen paperwork, I got a letter from the borough reminding me I had to pay for a permit for my cat. I had to go on Facebook and type at somebody in the borough to clarify that I had paid up for the year, and they apologized for the error. Makes you wonder how reliable their systems are for anything else.