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  • Kate 13:25 on 2020-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    A pedestrian was knocked down by a truck as it crossed a sidewalk in St-Laurent Friday morning. She’s in critical condition.

    Update: The woman has died.

    • Ian 15:56 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      It’s pretty nasty walking throughout most of industrial VSL, even the areas with sidewalks. I bet she was on her way to a different bus line because the bus never came at the stop she was at.

    • qatzelok 17:30 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      “The driver, a 67-year-old man, was treated for shock.”

      You killed someone with your vehicle?
      Here, take these happy pills and get right back in the saddle.

  • Kate 13:11 on 2020-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    The smog Friday is pretty bad, and there’s a warning out.

    Saturday morning the smog warning is still up on the government weather site.

    …And Sunday morning, the same.

    • Blork 14:56 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      I couldn’t see the other side of the river from the 132 in Longueuil this morning. Most of it was “sea smoke” but there was a thick layer of orange haze on top.

    • Ian 15:12 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      Man people must really have been using their fireplaces a lot, eh.

    • Chris 18:03 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      Ah, Ian, ever dependable!

      Did you bother to read the articles?

      “”In Quebec, wood heating is the main source of fine particles that contribute to smog during winter,” Environment Canada said.”

    • Ian 18:39 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      Oh my.
      I know that typing on the internet doesn’t communicate tone, but I had imagined that I was referring specifically to that line would have been obvious to even the most obtuse reader. Apparently I was mistaken.

    • JaneyB 23:01 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      Oh, that’s what it is! I kept thinking: Spring dust already or is it my eyes? Of course, the legacy of the Ice Storm.

    • Tim 01:07 on 2020-02-01 Permalink

      I call BS on Environment Canada. How many people are still using wood burning stoves when the power is not out? They need to provide a date for this data. They could be referencing data from 15 years ago.

    • Kate 09:23 on 2020-02-01 Permalink

      I agree it seems unlikely that the trend for wood stoves (or even a few places cooking bagels or pizzas with wood fires) is dominant enough in our era to cause the kind of urban smog problem we’ve had now for more than 24 hours. Something else is up, but either the authorities don’t know what it is, or don’t want to cop to it.

    • Ian 11:12 on 2020-02-01 Permalink

      Weeell see here’s the crazy thing – smog is just fog with whatever pollution happens to be around. Even if nobody lived here at all, we would still get atmospheric inversions because of a bunch of geographic factors.

      Whether it’s wood smoke or vehicle exhaust or whatever, all pollution is going to get trapped just as often and for as long, regardless. My gripe is the article blaming fireplaces for smog (legacy of the ice storm? 24 years ago?) when realistically the pollution doesn’t cause atmospheric inversions. Toronto gets nasty sooty smog that smells like fish, it’s not because there are a lot of fireplaces there.

    • Chris 22:56 on 2020-02-01 Permalink

      >My gripe is the article blaming fireplaces for smog

      But it doesn’t, not exclusively. It says: “the main emissions causing the smog come from transportation and wood-burning”. Or do you mean your gripe is that wood-burning is ascribed any portion of the blame at all?

      According to the City, wood burning *was* a close second (39%) of PM2.5 particle emissions. Hopefully that’s lower now, thanks to the new regulations. We need more time have enough data to know.

      >when realistically the pollution doesn’t cause atmospheric inversions

      Did anyone claim it did?

    • Ian 12:19 on 2020-02-02 Permalink

      Chris, I know you’re scrambling to regain credibility, but I thought we already agreed that I was referring to that one specific line at the end of the CBC article that you accused me of not reading.

    • CE 15:00 on 2020-02-02 Permalink

      Are wood burning furnaces still allowed off island?

    • Chris 15:27 on 2020-02-02 Permalink

      CE, they sure are! There are regulations about minimum standards for wood burning appliances, but Montreal is the only place mentioned by this Quebec government page with any ban.

    • Ian 17:07 on 2020-02-02 Permalink

      Even some places on-island – some of the demerged cities and towns don’t have a full wood-burning stove & fireplace ban. Pointe Claire grandfathered in old fireplaces and wood stoves, Kirkland allows wood burning stoves and fireplaces as long as they aren’t the primary heating system, Westmount has no ban at all as far I know… not all the demerged towns and cities, though – Hampstead banned wood stoves & fireplaces even before Montreal did.

  • Kate 08:53 on 2020-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    An attempt to revive the Lachine public market has collapsed after two years despite generous public grants to the private operator chosen to run it. Suppliers are out of pocket with debts unpaid by this operator, and the market has closed up again.

    • Ginger Baker 10:47 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      The article on the PME website about Brahm Aronovitch receiving a $30K grant has been disappeared from the internet

    • JaneyB 23:07 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      That’s really too bad. That’s a good location for a market. I’ve been there a bunch of times.

  • Kate 08:45 on 2020-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    Winter testing has shown that the STM’s choice of long-distance electric bus is a good one, so they will gradually begin to operate in the system. This is a new bus, different from the one running on the 36 line, which has to be recharged at each end of the run.

    I saw this new bus during an STM open house a couple of months ago. The thing that sets this model apart is the thick ceiling, which houses the massive battery. (Although the STM will probably add graphics saying it’s all-electric.) This bus can reach 250 km without needing a recharge.

    • dwgs 11:04 on 2020-01-31 Permalink

      I’ve been seeing a lot of them in NDG / downtown the last couple of weeks.

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