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  • Kate 20:15 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

    Laurent Duvernay-Tardif was fêted Sunday at the Fête des Neiges where he received a hug from Mayor Plante.

    • Kate 19:57 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

      The general principle that the correct answer to a question asked in a headline is always “no” continues to hold, when La Presse asks Fin de la crise des locaux vacants dans le Mile End? Coming hot on the heels of stories about vacancies peppering the main streets of that neighbourhood (Bernard and St-Viateur get talked about, but parts of Park Avenue have been looking pretty hollow too for awhile), this unaccountably perky piece talks about the taco place coming to the old Cagibi corner (to open in May) and some unnamed entity who may have rented the old De Gaulle bakery corner location. There’s a lot of talk about the taco restaurant’s other location (main takeaway: it’s cheaper to rent commercial digs in the Old Port than on St-V) and the owner’s big plans for a chain, which simply confirms the general observation that if you want to rent on Shiller Lavy territory, you’d better have deep pockets.

      • Kate 19:52 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

        Radio-Canada reminds us Montreal had winter carnivals long before Quebec City did.

        The Centre d’Histoire shows us Peel Street in 1959.

        • Kate 19:47 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

          A man was found Sunday morning in an advanced state of hypothermia near the railway in St-Laurent. No further detail here but they say his life’s in danger.

          • Kate 13:40 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

            Longish thoughtful piece in Westmount Mag by Patrick Barnard, one of the members of Green Coalition, on Montreal’s wetlands and their fate, and the court case against draining the remaining Technoparc wetlands.

            • Kate 13:00 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

              In December, the Teamsters warned that CN was going to move its Montreal rail control centre to Edmonton, involving more than 100 jobs. CN lied about it at the time but it turns out to be true.

              • Kate 12:52 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

                It’s going to take a week, or close to it, to cart away the snow that fell Friday. Radio-Canada says 10% has already been done.

                But more snow is forecast on several days this week.

                • Kate 10:13 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

                  CTV has a report here on a bus surfer and her video. Some Twitter commenters have claimed this has to be faked, but it wasn’t, as I reported below. However, I spotted her doing exactly this a little later that day, a little further west on Sherbrooke. There was less light in the sky, and the person I saw was definitely holding a selfie stick.

                  • Uatu 15:59 on 2020-02-09 Permalink

                    What an idiot. When I first heard about this I thought she was hanging on the bumper and sliding on her feet like the kids I knew in Brossard. I didn’t know she was lying on her back dragging along like a cowboy thrown off a horse. I guess the next footage will be her in rehab after head trauma. Probably thinks she’s being original, but Michael j fox did a variation of this on a skateboard 30+ yrs ago in the 1st 5min. of Back to the Future. Dumbass.

                  • JaneyB 09:44 on 2020-02-10 Permalink

                    Oh wow. I didn’t realize she was on the ground. Craz-y.

                • Kate 10:08 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

                  La Presse is looking at the enclave cities this weekend, apparently. Says Westmount wants to go green. Westmount’s mayor has a nerve saying they “have” two metro stations, since Westmount always exerts itself not to allow anything of collective purpose within its borders – no metro stations and no hospitals. Also, nobody higher than 200 feet above sea level in Westmount uses public transit.

                  If Westmount really wants to go properly green it should start by renovating and reopening its public greenhouse.

                  • Daniel 13:44 on 2020-02-09 Permalink

                    Oh dear, I loved that greenhouse when I lived in the area a few years back. Sad to hear it’s still not open.

                  • Kate 15:09 on 2020-02-09 Permalink

                    I haven’t been by, so I’m not certain. But I’ve seen nothing about it reopening. The last item I saw was a frankly implausible piece claiming Westmount didn’t have the money to repair and renovate it.

                  • Matthew Surridge 15:12 on 2020-02-09 Permalink

                    Is it established somewhere that Westmount blocked a metro location? Growing up there, I always heard that Drapeau was upset at the municipality for some reason or another and refused to allow a station fully within its borders, which is why Atwater is where it is.

                  • CE 15:26 on 2020-02-09 Permalink

                    According to the medtrodemontreal page on the Vendôme station:

                    “A segment of track between Place-Saint-Henri and Vendôme stations is divided by a wall – the only point in the metro network where the two parallel main-line tracks are thus separated between stations. The extra support of the intervening wall was necessary due to softness and instability in the surrounding rock. Plans had called for two stations — Northcliffe and Westmount — between Villa-Maria and Place-Saint-Henri instead of just one, but the same weakness, combined with political pressure from residents of the area, made the change of plans necessary.”

                    There’s supposed to be a photo of the Westmount station but it looks like all the photos on the site are broken. I hope this site hasn’t been abandoned and is deteriorating because it’s been an amazing resource for me and many other people doing research on the Metro for many years.

                  • Daniel 16:06 on 2020-02-09 Permalink

                    I always wondered why there was a wall separating the tracks between those two stations. Another of life’s small mysteries solved!

                    The plans for an intermediate station or two also explain why it’s quite a long run between those two stops.

                    The archived version of the page has a photo: http://web.archive.org/web/20110607005736/https://www.metrodemontreal.com/orange/vendome/history.html

                  • John B 08:52 on 2020-02-10 Permalink

                    The greenhouse is still closed.

                    I remember reading somewhere that Westmount wanted the repairs done to match the original building materials & workmanship, (essentially a more advanced version of not putting ugly plastic panels in the broken bits), but there are very few, if any, companies in Montreal, or even Canada, that can or will do it for a price they’re willing to pay.

                    That makes more sense, restoration of hundred(?)-year-old buildings can be expensive, especially when they’re really specialized buildings. But at some point they’re going to have to choose to either pay more or accept a different style of repair.

                • Kate 09:56 on 2020-02-09 Permalink | Reply  

                  The Town of Mount Royal is internally rent over constructing an expensive sports complex. Like most municipal projects in this era, its features and costs inflated over time, so that there’s going to be a referendum this week over building it.

                  Can’t TMR hold off for a few years then use the tax revenue from Royalmount to build all the palaces it wants?

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