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  • Kate 20:04 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

    A new decor has been announced to take the place of the pink baubles that hovered over the Gay Village for several summers.

    • Kate 19:46 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

      A teenager was stabbed during an altercation in a park near a high school in Ahuntsic on Wednesday afternoon.

      • Kate 19:41 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

        Both the MUHC and CHUM superhospitals have many unused patient rooms because Quebec has never funded them.

        • Kate 13:49 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

          Ville-Marie is indexing parking rates to the size of the vehicle.

          • Spi 14:45 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

            *Size of the vehicle engine.

            Given the prevalence of smaller Turbo engines these days, these really are policies from the previous decade.

          • Ian 14:48 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

            So the same schtick they pulled in the Plateau, but at least it’s a fixed rate throughout the borough. @Spi pretty obviously a virtue signal meant to soothe the anti-SUV crowd without, you know, actually doing anything useful. Glad I drive a 1.3L … though it’s a 10 year old hatchback with no air conditioning so is probably less fuel efficient than most newer four doors so take it as you will.

            Maybe some day they’ll start actually enforcing idling laws.

        • Kate 13:44 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

          Radio-Canada went to talk to Jean-Charles Roussy, who drives the biggest snowblower in Canada. It’s used to pile up snow at the Angrignon snow depot.

          As of noon Wednesday about half the clearance has been completed since the recent storms.

          • Kate 13:39 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

            Worth reading on the CAQ vs. the school boards: Francine Pelletier, Toula Drimonis, Robert Dutrisac. Also via Le Devoir, Mylène Crête asks: if the CAQ can claim land from cities for schools, why not for other purposes – hospitals, daycares, anything else?

            • David100 11:52 on 2020-02-13 Permalink

              For instance, tall, dense residential buildings in areas where the zoning has led to explosive escalation of rents . . .

          • Kate 13:25 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

            The city is increasing the funds it gives to the commercial development groups (SDCs) that manage our main streets and try to keep them lively. Interesting figure mentioned here: between 1980 and 2015, the square footage of commercial space in the metropolitan region increased by 144%, while the population only grew by 43%.

            • Filp 18:37 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

              If you can imagine it, Canada is apparently way below the US average for commercial square footage per person. I have no idea how it would be possible to support more space, but somehow they do

            • Robert H 18:55 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

              Je suis certain que les gérants de Carbonleo le savent mais s’en foutent si «l’offre et la demande correspondent.» On n’a pas besoin d’un autre centre commercial, mais il y en aura quand même. J’espère que Royalmount ne nuira pas aux artères commerciales ou Centreville. Mais, cette concurrence pour les dollars des consommateurs, je me demande qui seront les perdants. Hélas, VMR fait ce qu’elle veut. Dommage que la politique municipale ne respecte pas les lignes sur la carte.

          • Kate 13:17 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

            Is noise in the evening really the reason for some complaints, or is it used as an excuse to shut venues down and convert more and more buildings to condos?

            • Kate 09:17 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

              We really do live in an era of performed outrage. Some locals from Australia are not happy that a new bar on Crescent Street is called Ayers Rock. The item will explain why.

              • Max 10:25 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                I’m outraged that a supposedly Aussie bar can’t even serve up a can of Foster’s!

              • Sprocket 10:53 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                Max, I have lived in Australia and absolutely nobody drinks that.

              • DeWolf 11:46 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                I can get the outrage. Calling it Ayers Rock is basically a racist dogwhistle in Australia.

              • qatzelok 13:15 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                “It’s a choice that has outraged some members of Montreal’s Australian diaspora, who say the disused name is a relic of a painful era and a misrepresentation of their country.”

                I see this name as racist and colonialist, but it ACCURATELY represents the reality of how Australia came to exist – by killing the indigenous population and stealing their homeland.

              • Kate 13:49 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                Wouldn’t calling it Uluru be rude in a different way?

              • walkerp 17:36 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                Good piece on Eater Montreal on this issue here.

                Offensive or not, the whole thing is super tacky and embarrassing. The owner is french and their is nothing “authentic” about it at all.

                It is Crescent st, so about what one would expect, I guess.

              • ian 18:28 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                Well super-fake “Irish” bars have been a thing to the extent that you can buy a prefab Irish Pub so maybe these Français are onto something.

                As Baudrillard notes, in a society based upon appearances, reality disappears while its traces continue to nourish an illusion of the real.

              • Robert H 19:21 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                Y aurait-il un problème si j’ouvrais un casse-croûte authentiquement Montréalais à Calgary et l’appellait «Rue Amherst?»

              • Ian 20:58 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                There’s a bagel place in the lower east village in NYC called Blackseed. Their bagels suck. Doughy, way too salty, & soft crusts.

              • Kate 10:03 on 2020-02-13 Permalink

                Having read Tim Forster’s Eater piece, I have become convinced that the bar really does have an offensive name and that it’s really got nothing to do with Australia anyway.

            • Kate 09:16 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

              The city wants to encourage residential densification along the extension to the blue line.

              • Kate 09:14 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

                An antique iron cross installed in a historical exhibit in the Maison du citoyen in Pointe-aux-Trembles has created a fuss as some people seem unable to accept that it’s not intended as a statement of institutional religious faith, but is part of a display about the building’s previous function as a convent.

                • jeather 12:50 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                  I’ve decided to be on the side of people kicking up a fuss. Paying to install a cross in a public building is probably not what I want my money to go to, even a “secular, historical” cross. You live by the secularism in the public sphere sword, you die by the secularism in the public sphere sword.

                • Kate 13:32 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                  But it’s not “installed” in a permanent sense as far as I can tell, it’s part of an exhibit explaining how the building was originally used. There’s no point in erasing Quebec’s long history under the church – in fact, I don’t think enough analysis has been done about its lingering effects on the people and the culture here.

                • jeather 13:43 on 2020-02-12 Permalink

                  It’s not currently up and they are paying money to put it up, that’s installing it.

                  Normally I’d agree with you (I’ve been vocally for the cross on the mountain, for instance), but I’ve been irritated about this lately and still feel that if you are going to mandate the insane level of secularism under Bill 21 then do it properly, not everything-Catholic-is-secular-because-history.

              • Kate 09:05 on 2020-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

                The Exo Candiac line is still down on Wednesday and VIA trains are cancelled through Thursday. François Legault is starting to agitate to the feds to break up the protests, apparently unaware that it was RCMP incursions that sparked the protests in the first place.

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