City isn’t hiring inspectors for Airbnb

As we’ve been saying in comments here, there’s no point in passing laws you can’t enforce. So when the city says it won’t be hiring more inspectors to check out illegal Airbnbs, and they’re relying on Revenu Québec to lower the boom, it’s discouraging. Among other things, RQ doesn’t feel it’s part of its job to enforce bylaws about where Airbnbs can operate in any borough.

Why is RQ not its usual rapacious self when faced with Airbnb? Anyone have a theory?

But re the inspectors, in boroughs with delimited Airbnb zones, you don’t need to send out a lot of guys in cars. You need someone to go through the website, make a list of offerings illegal in their locations, and send out mises en demeure. Two weeks later, if they have not taken down their listings, then you go around with padlocks.