COVID-19: some updates

The EMSB is being cautious about kids coming back from spring break, if they’ve travelled to COVID-19 hotspots.

CBC also looks at how major events are responding to the virus.

Sounds like the plan here is to establish clinics for testing, but get people to call 811 to make an appointment first. Here’s a look at the clinic just opened at Hôtel-Dieu.

We still have only four diagnosed cases in Quebec.

(Note how the city has benefited from those empty hospital buildings. The old Vic has been serving well as an extra winter shelter, and now that we need a COVID-19 bunker clinic, we have room for one.)

Update: There’s now a dedicated help line, 1-877-644-4545.

Other notable virus news: Ottawa says don’t go on cruises – with any luck, this thing will make the cruise industry collapse completely; the WHO is warning of a pandemic but not quite going there yet; the Olympic flame will be lit in Japan with no spectators; trading was automatically halted on the New York stock exchange for a time.

Dublin has cancelled its St Patrick’s parade, which is held on the day itself. Ours is still planned for March 22.