Schools closed Friday, shoppers clear shelves

Sounds like all schools are closed Friday while school commissions and universities work out what to do next.

The irony here is that some workplaces will see an influx of kids whose parents have no other means of minding them, which will create opportunities for viruses to cross over generations and possibly infect other adults who don’t usually encounter children. But I do see that it has to be done.

CTV says shoppers are stocking up as a general shutdown of a couple of weeks feels more and more likely.

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau was definitely confirmed to have COVID-19 after a recent trip to the UK, so she and the PM are isolating. (Footnote, this also makes nonsense of Trump’s exclusion of the UK from his ban on travellers from Europe. But how can white, English-speaking people bring disease? It’s unthinkable!)

A site called Silo 57 is tabulating a list of all the cancelled events.

Loto-Quebec is closing the casinos. This is getting serious!

Meanwhile, I find myself getting entirely blasé about the cat drinking from my water glass…