COVID-19 updates Saturday morning

CBC says Saturday morning that there are still only 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. This piece has other updates on related stories.

The STM is still running as well as doing more cleaning, and Bixi is considering launching early this year to allow more people to get around town in a socially distanced way. It’s not a done deal yet, and there’s still crusty remnants of old snow lying around in spots where Bixi stations are often placed: there’s a reason Bixi doesn’t usually open till April.

Kijiji is banning the resale of in-demand products like face masks, hand sanitizer and, God knows, toilet paper, in an attempt to reduce profiteering.

Food banks and homeless shelters are facing particular problems when considering contagion, self-isolation and social distancing issues. There have been lots of reports of panic buying and toilet paper has become a reliable punch line to all kinds of jokes.

The exhibition baseball games scheduled at the Olympic stadium March 23 and 24 have been cancelled.

TVA reports that a surgeon at Notre-Dame hospital has been quarantined after one of her patients was diagnosed with the virus.