Coronavirus roundup for Wednesday

A roundup of local coronavirus news: Accès Montréal offices and service counters at police stations are now closed.

Negotiations between the city and seven of its unions are on hold. The city is buying a lot of laptops to make it easier for its people to work remotely.

Shelters for the homeless are coping with a problem central to how they operate: normally they serve meals cafeteria-style and bunk people fairly close together, but now they can’t. Item says no homeless person has presented with COVID-19 yet, but doesn’t say how many have been tested.

Two men stabbed on the weekend were Korean and that community fears its members may be getting targeted because of the virus. The kind of people who would attack Koreans and vandalize Vietnamese temples may simply see them as Chinese (and thus “deserving” of punishment for the virus).

Jonathan Montpetit analyzes François Legault’s approach to the crisis. Compared to the fumbling of other leaders, Legault has rung the bell by coming off as steady and sensible. Montpetit thinks he learned this from Lucien Bouchard’s take on the 1998 ice storm.

Legault has been appealing to young people to respect the social distancing decree, but what I see on social media is that it’s oldsters who have been the most alarmingly nonchalant. Old people, they’ve seen everything, etc. etc.

Wednesday: Trudeau address at 10:30 ET, Finance Minister & Bank of Canada announcement at 11:15 ET.