COVID-19: Sunday update

Hundreds of people attended a wedding at a Westmount synagogue on March 12, and one of them, a Côte St-Luc resident, has since been rushed to hospital with COVID‑19. Now CSL has more cases of the virus and is asking for quarantine to be imposed.

Exo is reducing its train departures as of Monday because of lowered demand. Buses run by Exo will be rescheduled sometime next week.

(Remember when we all thought two weeks would do it?)

Justin Trudeau will be speaking at 11:15 Sunday, and François Legault at 1 p.m. – these are from the Journal’s latest developments page.

Bars are excluded from the federal support program and bar owners feel this is unfair. Is it fair to group bars with casinos, pawnshops, the sex industry and “businesses that incite any form of violence, hatred or discrimination”?

La Presse says a clinique sans rendez‑vous to test for the virus will be opening Monday under a heated marquee at St‑Urbain and de Maisonneuve. It’s to be drive-thru and walk-up and really be sans rendez-vous, unlike so many soi‑disant walk‑in clinics around town.