STM: Don’t take transit if you think you’re sick

The STM is asking people who suspect they’ve caught the virus not to take public transit, although that leaves open the question how they’re meant to get to a testing clinic if they have no car. If I were feeling woozy I don’t think I’d want to walk to the Place des Festivals from Villeray, but it wouldn’t be fair to expose a taxi driver either.

I’ve just seen a tweet saying the city is closing playgrounds.

Everything I heard on the 1 p.m. Legault talk suggests we’ll be on general isolation at least till the end of April. He announced that schools and malls are closed till May, as well as restaurant dining rooms. Grocery stores, pharmacies and SAQ stores remain open.

Hydro-Quebec is suspending late paying fees, but Quebec could cancel all domestic (and maybe some commercial) Hydro bills for March, April and May, if it really wanted to give us a break.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Quebec actually went down from 5 to 4, as a postmortem apparently revealed that one of the people who died didn’t have the virus.

The mayor of New York says that city’s situation’s going to get worse throughout April and May. He’s blaming Trump for his inaction, but you can bet Trump is repositioning himself to be the hero of this story, and half the voters in America are already most of the way to believing it. (Trump’s also figuring out how to delay the November election, bet on it.)

I wish there were other news to report. We haven’t even had any police blotter stories this weekend.