Virus-adjacent stories of the day

Had a power failure last night (local, about an hour) and woke up to snow. What’s next?

So don’t break your glasses. Global has a story about a guy who can’t function because he can’t get his specs fixed. No reference to the classic Twilight Zone episode.

Metro grocery stores did really well in March as people prepped for lockdown; presumably other grocery chains experienced a similar bump.

Quebec is about to launch a pandemic-specific help wanted site although no specific date for opening is mentioned.

Montreal North is especially hard hit by the virus, so the public health department is planning an intervention of some kind.

Some cancer patients who were going to Sacré-Cœur hospital for treatment also got something they didn’t expect: COVID-19.

A lawyer who clearly wants some free publicity is suing the government for infringing his rights by enforcing social limits during a pandemic. This man, who will remain nameless here because fuck him, clearly doesn’t grasp the difference between social fictions (human rights are a fiction, albeit a very important one) and fact (viruses can kill you).