Some thoughts about politics and society

Local news has narrowed down to the one topic, which although interesting, gets a bit one-note after a point. So this post is about a couple of things I’ve been noticing.

I was struck by the response to this Twitter thread which began with a posting from CBC news: “Speculation about motive in mass shootings could encourage copycats, some psychiatrists suggest.” It’s a fairly mild-mannered backgrounder on the Nova Scotia shootings, but the response is scorching. People are claiming a) it’s communist propaganda, b) it’s fake news, c) it’s a coverup, d) CBC takes orders directly from Justin Trudeau. Cries of “I am tired of EXPERTS!!!” and Who are these “experts”?????? (Multiple punctuation is never a good sign.)

Speaking of Trudeau, despite his apparent popularity in the polls, any thread regarding him soon turns into a hate fest. He’s accused of groping schoolgirls – even, according to one tweet, murdering some of them. This is led to some extent by media like the Toronto Sun: Liberal Party has morphed into a cult – the comments when this was tweeted are a litany of accusations, threats and anger.

I wonder who these people are who think Trudeau has “ruined Canada” and so forth. How many of those Twitter accounts are bots, how many are sockpuppets? And why the extreme, inflammatory rhetoric? It should be possible to criticize aspects of government actions without rushing to the extremes of despair and depravity that I’ve been seeing. But most tweets are on the extreme end like this.

The other thread is a different topic. This week, Trudeau announced money for charities. This was reported in the anglo media but hardly a peep on the francophone side. This seems to fall in with Quebec’s tendency to rely less on charities, and in this sense, I’m a true Quebecer. Charity is a sickly word that implies condescension. A society that functions properly for all its members should not need charity at all, although I see that charities fulfill needs in some niches in our society right now. But we should all work toward making them obsolete.