Virus wake-up calls of the day

The Red Cross is turning a Lasalle arena into a field hospital to cope with the surge of infections in care homes in that part of town. Downtown, the Hôtel Place Dupuis is also being turned into a hospital.

Funeral home workers want support in getting protective gear for dealing with infected bodies. Montreal funeral homes are coping with 50% more bodies than in normal times.

La Presse has video of a truck circulating in Côte-des-Neiges with a loudspeaker giving out COVID-19 information in 14 languages. The truck’s sponsored by the public sector union.

CTV asks how the pandemic will change grocery stores, and CBC looks at how transit will be changed. The Journal looks at four iconic Montreal spots and how they’re doing.

The Gazette says an “alleged” Mafia guy (is he still “alleged” if he’s been tried and convicted?) has been told to scram from the halfway house where he was sent to work off his sentence for participating in the execution of Salvatore Montagna in 2011. He still has to wear a GPS bracelet and be good.

Montreal’s Muslims have just begun Ramadan, which will have to be celebrated differently this year – no iftar gatherings, no attendance at the mosque.

La Presse rounded up local sources of stylish masks.