Virus stories, Friday evening

A new virus testing centre is opening in Montreal North, a hotspot for new contagion, and a mobile clinic will be starting Sunday there and in St-Michel, which is also afflicted.

Anglo school boards are taking a position they will reopen only when they feel it’s safe, and not when the Quebec government ordains it. Here’s an example where having a school board to stand between schools and government is working for the anglo side.

Prisoners may be let out of Bordeaux Jail if the outbreak of Covid there gets worse. It’s not as if we don’t know that if you have Covid in a confined population, it gets worse. It’s not a done deal yet, though.

The city’s two big cemeteries are dealing with a rise in burials coupled with the need to limit the size of gatherings. The story mentions Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, but presumably implies Mount Royal, the contiguous non-Catholic cemetery, is doing the same.