Old videos of Ste-Catherine Street

(I was sure I’d posted a link to one of these videos before, and even that Blork had commented “It’s like Streetview for the mid-1980s!” but I cannot find either post or comment, so forgive me if I’ve missed a trick.)

Someone posted a link on Facebook recently to this Youtube shot in (apparently) 1985, not very professionally, but it shows the whole extent of the signage and other details on the north side of the commercial part of Ste-Catherine. For anyone who lived here then, it’s both weirdly familiar and yet “when did that disappear?”

So I went looking today and found a similar video showing the south side. This one has no date on it, but a cinema is showing “Le Retour du Jedi”, which came out in 1983 (although see below, this was probably 1985 also).

Both videos have terrible soundtracks.

Much later update: The links above are defunct, but I think this (north side) and this (south side) are the same films.