STM: 3 to 5 years to get back to normal

The STM saw a ridership increase of 2.9% for 2019, but experts say it will take three to five years to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

I find it puzzling that the metro was racking up much better numbers than the buses. Our buses are not so bad, and – put simply – the bus network goes to a lot of places the metro doesn’t. It’s not as if you can choose only the metro if you happen to be going somewhere beyond the reach of a reasonable walk from a metro station.

One side effect of a general repugnance to public transit is that bike repair shops are going nuts as more people pull out their old junkers from sheds or basements and need help making them roadworthy.

A footnote to local transit: Normand Parisien, who headed Transport 2000 (now Trajectoire Québec) for many years, championing the development of effective public transit in Montreal, died recently.