Masks, plants and buses

This morning I took the bus down to Jean-Talon market to buy some seedlings. About half the people on the bus (in both directions) and at the market were wearing masks. Most of the market workers were not masked. As I entered the market I was directed by a security guard to use hand sanitizer, but there was no line; by the time I was done, a line had formed.

The usual plant dealers were in the market, but some were not allowing people inside to browse. I understand why, although I found it disappointing: it’s nicer to look at all the plants, see new varieties, choose the plants that look liveliest, rather than asking someone else to bring you items off a list.

Media had said the market folks were only allowing payment by card, but this wasn’t true of the plant dealers, who only wanted cash.

I noticed a long line to get into Milano as I got on the bus homeward – encumbered with a blue Ikea bag full of plantage – and a shorter line to get into the SAQ nearby.

On the bus back, an older man turned to me and asked if this bus was taking him to Ville St‑Laurent. Can’t be the first time someone has boarded the 55 bus thinking this, but where normally I’d have suggested he ask the driver what to do next, now we can’t do that, which is a loss. I tried to explain he should stay on the bus till Sauvé and then take the 121 west, but by then I’d reached my stop and I’m not sure he understood my directions.