The Derfel affair continues

CBC talked to Aaron Derfel, who says he was surprised François Legault blamed him for anglos being more concerned about the pandemic. Derfel actually should be wearing this as an accolade: as the saying goes, news is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.

Rima Elkouri likens Legault’s response to Derfel’s reporting to Trump’s cries of “fake news”.

Derfel’s Twitter thread from Thursday updates us on the numbers, and gently digs back at Legault, reminding us the premier had withheld CHSLD figures for two weeks. It seems clear that what Legault didn’t like about Derfel’s work was that he’s been keeping the numbers in the public eye at a time the premier was wishing he could keep them quiet.

Here’s Derfel’s Friday piece on Legault and the CHSLDs.

It seems to me if Legault wants to throw some serious shade, he should be reminding us that his government is coping with fallout from the austerity measures brought in by Couillard and Barrette. It’s come up, but it’s much more cromulent than hitting out at a journalist doing his job.