Can people stay distanced on Ste-Catherine?

Can people stay distanced on Ste-Catherine? Granted the photographer in this item may have used a long lens with a tendency to flatten the plane and make subjects look closer than they are, but it’s not a wide sidewalk and there are a fair number of people concentrated in some of the shots.

On Time Out, JP Karwacki asks plaintively When will bars open in Montreal? and there is no answer. Nobody goes to a bar to line up in a distanced way to purchase a measure of alcohol and then sit 6 feet away from anyone else.

Speaking of which, St-Hubert BBQ got collared this week for selling pre-mixed gin and tonic to go with its deliveries. It’s allowed to send beer or wine, but not spirits, although the producer of the canned drink protests it’s only got half the alcohol content of a typical wine. Still, it’s now off the menu.