Two boroughs vote for police bodycams

Two boroughs, Pierrefonds-Roxboro and CDN-NDG, voted in favour of bodycams for police on Monday night, an idea the city set aside a year ago.

Also in the Journal, MBC supports the idea, floated in comments here, that Sunday’s march was merely aping Americans, since some signs were in English and therefore un-Québécois and invalid because Quebec has no institutional racism. At least, none that can be seen by a white guy.

It may be obvious, but some – like MBC – may be oblivious: because the history of black people in Canada, and Quebec, is different from the history of those in the US, because our ownership of slaves was not so widespread, it doesn’t mean we have no racism here. Because the US had Jim Crow laws we can point at and we didn’t (but if not, what law was Viola Desmond defying in Halifax New Glasgow?), that doesn’t mean our hands are clean.

Update: Montreal North also voted for the cameras Monday.