Covid: Where the city is now

Summaries of Wednesday’s Covid situation in Montreal show a slight uptick after gradually declining numbers of cases and deaths.

I was out Wednesday, doing a few hours’ work for the place where I was laid off mid-March, which is in a limbo state of being neither really shut nor really open. About half the people on the bus wear masks, if that. I haven’t a formal count, but there’s a strong impression more women are wearing them than men.

Only a few people were working. One guy had lost his father-in-law to Covid, and another told me about a couple she knew whose kids brought it home, then the parents caught it, and they were all sick and sluggish for weeks.

On the way in, I said hello to the janitor, who was mopping the floor while wearing a mask “chin hammock” style i.e. completely uselessly. On the way home, I noticed that the man sitting behind me in the bus was “wearing” a mask dangling off one ear. It’s not a good luck charm, people, you’ve got to have them over nose and mouth or don’t bother!