Shopping centres to reopen Friday

Public health’s Dr Mylène Drouin is happy to see Covid case numbers falling around town over the last couple of weeks, but with a scant third of Montrealers wearing a mask, there’s a risk of a resurgence like they’ve recently faced in Beijing.

Shopping centres in town are allowed to reopen on Friday except for food courts. This reopening may have been rushed a little because malls offer cooler spaces for people with no air conditioning during the heat wave.

The Journal notes summer programming at the Old Port – but surely they’re wrong about the clock tower beach when they write “… pour permettre aux visiteurs de se rafraîchir directement dans l’eau du fleuve.” Unless things have changed, that “beach” is simply a hangout place, without access to the river.

Update to the last item: It now reads “s’étendre sur une plage près du fleuve”!