The new NAFTA is in effect

Slightly off topic, but it seems worth noting that the CUSMA – i.e. the new North American free trade act – comes into effect July 1. CTV’s details here are clear, but several things are worth noting from things I have previously read. Editing down CTV’s text and then adding some details:

American farmers will have increased access to […] Canadian dairy, egg and poultry markets. This is unlikely to bring down the cost of Canadian products, but it could result in a larger variety of options on grocery store shelves.

This is a good moment to make plans to buy locally when it comes to these products. The U.S. allows a growth hormone to be used on dairy cows. The residual effects of this hormone on humans are not clear, but the effect on cows is not beneficial. It has been banned in Europe since 1990 and in Canada since 2000 – till now.

Poultry from the U.S. can be chlorinated. Chlorinated chicken is banned in Europe, and the UK plans to continue banning it even after Brexit. I cannot make out what Canada’s position is here, but obviously it’s better to eat humanely raised chicken (also eggs) even if it means you eat less of it.

My local butcher has a sign up basically saying “Eat less meat, but better quality.” With our borders forced open to a greedier regime, that’s even better advice today.