Roads and traffic remain a hot potato

While the city administration says its active transit streets are very popular, and Projet posts photos (shown above) of some of the streets that have been temporarily adapted for the summer, showing busy terrasses and happy people, there are also ongoing reports of complaints.

It’s hard to tell whether the complainers are in the majority, or if they’re just noisy, supported by city hall opposition, and/or given a voice by journalists looking for a “balance” story. These are folks who in some sense seem to have lost the thread that these measures are temporary, that city hall is trying to create a summer ambiance in the absence of the usual festivals and tourist crowds.

Complainers also may be forgetting that a lot of people have either lost their jobs, or are temporarily laid off, and so even with all the free parking in the world they would not be out shopping or eating in restaurants. Even people still working might be observing some degree of caution about overspending, given the worldwide uncertainty about the economy.

Also a lot of people are still observing a degree of isolation from caution, for themselves, or because they have vulnerable family members to protect.

In other words, no city administration could escape blame at a time like this, no matter what they did. People should have a sense of proportion about what’s possible.