Sugar Sammy fails to amuse Sophie Durocher

Sophie Durocher is not amused by a recent tweet from Sugar Sammy. In response to news about more money and staff for the OQLF, Sammy tweeted In Quebec when businesses will go bankrupt, we’ll make sure they do it in French. Given that a lot of folks – and not only anglos – have made similar remarks about the OQLF news, Durocher must be in a constant state of inner turmoil. I mean, make fun of anything else, but not the Office.

(Tiny footnote: Sugar Sammy is such a good Quebecer that he used French syntax in English. In English we’d normally say “In Quebec when businesses go bankrupt…” but it’s not good style in French to use a verb in the present form when talking about the future. You’d use a future or maybe a conditional.)

CultMTL’s Lorraine Carpenter defends Sugar Sammy with a clear explanation why he’s allowed to slam the OQLF.