Another day, another attack on Plante

QMI keeps up its attack on Valérie Plante with a Joseph Facal column in which he accuses her, as of something terrible, of running the city for her voters.

He also lambasts her for not caring about the “recul du français” and for acknowledging the indigenous history of the land – all stuff from the nationalist playbook, and coming poorly from a man who was himself not born in Quebec but, according to Wikipedia, has learned to speak English, while complaining that the Plante city hall is a “bilingual administration” – i.e. that it doesn’t adhere to the fiction that everyone in Montreal is a francophone

It isn’t the mayor of Montreal’s job to act as a lieutenant to the OQLF, but to attend to the people who actually live here.

I wonder what QMI is really burned about with Plante. They can’t have been crazy about how the Coderre administration messed with their journalist Michael Nguyen (Denis Coderre had the police seize Nguyen’s computer) and Coderre has always been implicitly a federalist, so they can’t really want him back. But what do they want?