Dawson enlargement regarded with distrust

The plan to enlarge Dawson College, which was on the CAQ’s to-do list, is being seen more and more as an attack on the status of French in Montreal.

QMI is not letting up in its push against English, outraged Wednesday that three quarters of the courses being offered to foreign students are in English.

I hate to have to point this out, but the global numbers from Wikipedia:

Languages by number of native speakers:
English – 379 million
French – 77.2 million

Total number of speakers:
English – 1.268 billion
French – 277 million

If you’re a person from another country with no investment in Canada’s politics, want to extend your education and brush up a major world language, English will be more useful to you. Of course French would be better if you plan to live in France or Quebec or one of the other places colonized by France, but in general, you’ll go more places with English.

I suppose QMI is more concerned that people will get some education here in English and then decide to stay. Working out how to make this impossible will be interesting.