Covid news items of the day

Canada is seeing 6,500 new cases of Covid daily and may hit 15,000 cumulative deaths by Christmas.

Quebec is defending its decision to close restaurants, as if it’s a big scandal that they chose to go beyond the recommendations of Horacio Arruda as numbers continued to climb.

Apparently there’s been a strong rumour that schools would be declared closed for the holidays as of today, Friday, but these have been contradicted by education minister J-F Roberge.

Hospitals outside Montreal are reaching saturation point with Covid patients.

Meanwhile, retail stores are claiming there’s been hardly any transmission in stores. I just heard a story from an American online acquaintance who manages a store in a state where they’re specifically forbidden to require masks. He caught Covid, got moderately sick, but then passed it to his wife, who had some existing condition, and she is now seriously unwell.