Possible arson in Pierrefonds resto

There was a fire in a Pierrefonds restaurant overnight which probably was set on purpose.

I’m curious. Neither of these items (La Presse, TVA) names the restaurant. Neither does the account in the Gazette, which is usually more assiduous in reporting West Island stories.

I occasionally skim back through old newspapers available online (the Gazette on Google, La Presse on BAnQ) and, back in the day, the papers were very specific about naming. Individuals were often even identified not just by name but by address (“John O’Malley, of 1232 Centre Street, was charged with drunken brawling this week…”) and any reporter covering a story involving a commercial enterprise would not have hesitated to include the name and address of the business.

In this story, at least TVA has some photos, tells you the street name and shows you the address, so you can google if you’re curious. Neither La Presse nor the Gazette has any photos, putting up boring placeholder shots of emergency vehicles.

I write “back in the day” because I don’t know when this practice ended, or why.

Is such vague news reporting useful to anybody? Or do these media groups simply have very cautious lawyers?