What an elevated REM might look like

In the list of urban projects linked earlier, the REM gets a nod from urban development expert Marc-André Carignan. But Anton Dubrau, who often comments here, has given me permission to reproduce two photos of Hamburg he posted to Twitter recently, showing what an elevated train looks like in that city.

Someone else in that thread mentioned an elevated train that goes through The Hague in the Netherlands. The image from that article that seems most like René-Lévesque is this one (and it’s worth looking at the article in that link for other views):

The REM was one thing when we were speaking airily about running it across bridges to Brossard. I have a feeling it will be another thing entirely when some version of this is occupying space on René-Lévesque – the street where the city has insisted that parades like the Carifiesta must take place. The street will have an entirely different character once some version of this is slicing through downtown.