Vaccine slowdown to cut plan for homeless

As Pfizer reduces vaccine deliveries, the plan to vaccinate the homeless has also slowed down.

I have a GP whom I’ve never met. I’ve seen his nurse practitioner twice. But I had a scheduled phone call with him today, first time we’ve spoken. We agreed that, given my good state of health, there was no reason for me to go for a checkup in person till after I’d been vaccinated.

So I had to ask – when did he think the vaccine would become available for someone my age, in my state of health? I could almost hear him shaking his head. No idea, he said. Not with this slowdown. Anyway, it won’t be given by his clinic, it’ll probably be a popup like the flu shot clinics, and it’s up to the government to say when.

Vaccine update: evidence shows that delaying the second shot of the Pfizer vaccine may not be so smart, so Quebec may have to do some fast thinking about this.