Covid stories of the morning

There’s a Covid outbreak at tony Collège Stanislas so all the classes are being held remotely.

Quebec is pondering putting in roadblocks to stop travel between regions over the spring break.

The pandemic has made the illegal guns situation worse, though this item doesn’t make a persuasive argument why there’s a link – is it really just boredom and powerlessness among restless young people? But TVA looked into how easy it is to get a gun by mail.

Covid summary from CultMTL.

Did anyone really think, if there are more contagious variants spreading throughout the world, that we wouldn’t get them? Wednesday on CBC radio at noon they had the theme of “snowbirds” wanting to be exempt from quarantine if they returned to Canada. They had no case for it, except “waah, we deserve it!” But people have been pleading exceptions since the start of this thing, and it only takes one or two people slipping through with the new bugs to set them loose here. A year later, I didn’t think I’d be writing The virus doesn’t negotiate and it doesn’t care about human arguments.

Quebec has the worst numbers in Canada, and I saw a piece this week (will link when I find it again) that a survey showed a tendency for speakers of French to be less afraid of the virus. Nonchalance can be a wonderful thing until it comes face to face with a plague.