Ad spotted on unrelated media

I was reading a media site unrelated to Montreal when I spotted this, although it switched to something else before I could click through. Obviously it was delivered via Google ads to some cookie on my browser, but it strikes me that this is going to be one long, relentless election campaign.

It’s very clear to me, doing this blog, that the Coderre team is not going to pull any punches. Anything that can be blamed on Valérie Plante and Projet will be, even when it’s things that nobody could have helped, like budgetary constraints from the pandemic, or things from other levels of government, like driving difficulties caused by Quebec’s construction sites. The Coderre team will be watching for any dissatisfactions mentioned on social media, and exploiting them. They won’t care if something is a fair criticism or not: they just want to claw their way back in.

It’s going to get nasty.