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  • Kate 21:01 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

    The maritime employers’ association is retaliating for the union’s withdrawal of overtime and weekend work by shuffling shifts around as of Monday.

    • Kate 20:56 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

      The SPVM has made a record seizure of fentanyl and there were three arrests.

      • Kate 20:52 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

        A new bike path is appearing this summer on part of rue Villeray. A section has already been opened between St-Denis and Boyer.

        • Kate 19:47 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

          City hall has produced a document proposing adjustments to the blue line plans to reduce projected costs and, cleverly, to shift the expense of Lacordaire crossover station entirely to CDPQ Infra.

          • Kate 11:06 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

            A new Covid variant has arrived from India. Quoting Toula Drimonis: “I want to meet the 12‑year‑old that is responsible for making the editorial decisions for the front page of the JdeMontreal because I refuse to believe an adult is in charge.”

            Update: The paper is being criticized widely by politicians of all stripes.

            Also: La Presse calls attention to a subhead on that page: “Alors, Justin, est-ce qu’on coupe rapidement les liens avec l’Inde cette fois‑ci ?”

            • ant6n 11:17 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              True. I also want to meet the 12-year old that decided the Prime Minister of Canada should play dress up for a visit in a foreign country.

            • Bill Binns 11:18 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              Lol. He has only himself to blame. What on Earth was he thinking walking around in that costume?

              Of course all this nonsense does obscure the very valid questions about a Covid policy that doesn’t allow a person to play golf alone or travel between provinces but is still allowing daily flights from a country that is absolutely on fire with Covid.

            • Kate 11:19 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              It was an error of taste but it has nothing to do with Covid or the new variant.

            • Bill Binns 11:26 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              Of course not but it has been the gift that keeps on giving for the legions of people who despise him. Not just an “error of taste” but a huge political gaffe that wounded him early in his term.

            • walkerp 11:27 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              This is also more subtle racism and scapegoating by the JdeM. Don’t be surprised when we start hearing about South Asians getting attacked on the street now.

            • walkerp 11:28 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              Keep telling yourself that Bill Binns. The only people who benefitted from this “gaffe” were the social media creatives working for right-wing and enemy disinformation campaigns, as it gave them a lot of images for their memes. We can see where you get your news from.

            • Bill Binns 12:31 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              @Walkerp – I am not anti-Trudeau. He is rapidly expending all the good will he bought from me by legalizing cannabis though.

              Love him or hate him the whole country rolled it’s eyes at this display. Imagine if the Prime Minister of the UK visited Alberta and he and his family dressed in head to toe rodeo gear for the whole trip. I imagine he would get some shit for that.

            • steph 13:26 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              @Bill. Please look up pictures of Prince Charles dressing up for the Stamped ’77. And his son did the same on a Canadian visit as well a few years back. (not politicians, but easily a higher status by british measure)

            • Uatu 13:43 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              Probably the same 12yr old who would start crying about Quebec bashing if someone did something similar to them

            • Raymond Lutz 16:07 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              OMG! This is a collector’s piece! I’m gonna get one!

            • GC 18:41 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              +1, Uatu

            • Kevin 19:09 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              The lawyers who advertise on the front page are not amused https://twitter.com/RCGT/status/1385291982830985216?s=20

            • Jack 08:35 on 2021-04-23 Permalink

              Folks if you don’t think Quebecor’s upfront racism doesn’t have consequences you surely don’t work in an English language CEGEP. I know predicting the future is a fools game but I’ll be a fool here. Legault said he will again use the not withstanding clause to suspend the charter of rights and freedoms to reinforce Law 101. This entire masquerade was promoted by Quebecor columnists who do not like to see successful English language institutions, it makes them feel bad. If I was working in a English language CEGEP I’d be dusting off my CV.

            • Kevin 16:06 on 2021-04-23 Permalink

              What, like Frederic Bastien?

              (cruel, I’m sorry)

            • Kate 17:45 on 2021-04-24 Permalink

              Toula Drimonis on Frédéric Bastien.

          • Kate 09:28 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

            La Presse’s Isabelle Hachey wrote a must-read Wednesday about the fake Camille Laurin street naming scandal cooked up by Quebecor. In short, the toponymy commission rejected the naming of an Outremont street (or walkway) in the new UdeM campus after Laurin because there’s already a street in the east end named for him. The rejection of the UdeM naming had nothing to do with Valérie Plante or the exclusion of white males. Hachey outlines how Quebecor’s writers blew this non-story up into a big deal, based on absolutely nothing.

            • Kevin 09:49 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

              I’ll quote Toula Drimonis: Their COVID coverage has been excellent. Sadly, their editorial line regarding opinion columns and front pages is depressingly xenophobic.

          • Kate 09:23 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

            The question of voting by mail in this fall’s municipal election has suddenly blown up into an issue. City hall decided not to push for enlarging postal voting – as with everything else, it has to get Quebec’s permission, and Quebec wasn’t going to make the option available in time – and Denis Coderre’s crowd, as Philippe Teisceira-Lessard writes here, “ont déchiré leur chemise” about how unfair this is to old people etcetera.

            If we thought Lionel Perez tended to turn every minor issue at city hall into a big weepy emotionfest to get media attention, it’s nothing compared to what he’ll do now Denis Coderre is back.

            Once again, blog readers, I am sorry that news this year is going to be Covid and Coderre all the time.

            • Kate 09:16 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

              Two boys were arrested in TMR on Wednesday for shooting a gun. They were located in a car (which reminds me that 16-year-olds can drive, yikes).

              • Bill Binns 11:23 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                Where does the publication ban on the names of minors accused with crimes come from? Is it federal or provincial? It’s really one of the most glaring differences between life in the US and Canada.

              • Kate 11:30 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                I believe it’s part of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The idea is not to let minors ruin their lives before they have a chance to grow up.

              • JS 12:27 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                This happened in the industrial part of TMR at Pare/Devonshire, not the mostly tony residential areas east of Decarie. This is among the most nowhere parts of the city, there is absolutely zero going on anywhere in the area except offices, warehouses, workshops, factories, garages, and parking lots, etc. The incident happened at 5:30 pm, after many in the area have split after their work day, but plenty of people, including yours truly who works a block and a half away from the kids’ impromptu shooting gallery, are still around at this time.

                These kids are idiots btw: If they’d continued driving down to the end of Royalmount, a block north, they’d reach the train yards where they could shoot each other till the cows come home without attracting unwanted attention.

              • Ephraim 12:39 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                It’s actually very important to protect people underage, their brain is still developing. Catching them and setting them right at that age will usually has close to 100% success. But they usually need a mentor for the highest success rates. (Which is why we might want to consider having a system to expunge records for many minor crimes before the age of 25).

              • Bill Binns 12:47 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                Thanks Kate.

                Ephraim, all laudable goals. Myself, I’m a little more concerned with their victims or potential victims. I’m sure whomever has the misfortune of living next to these mischievous scamps would like to know that they are armed with deadly weapons. It would give them a chance to keep their pets indoors and practice their duck and cover technique.

              • Ephraim 16:50 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                @Bill They have records, but they are expunged later. You don’t want to print because they will be expunged. But intervention and mentoring needs to be done.

                Incidentally, of major crimes, what crime do you think actually has the lowest recidivism rate? The lowest rate (ie the best) is actually homicide/manslaughter, second on the list is actually sex crimes and third is drug convictions. In fact in sex crimes the recidivism rates diminish that by year 16, they are no more likely to reoffend than the general population.

              • Bill Binns 17:07 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                Don’t you find the “expunging” of criminal records to be quite literally Orwellian? Something happened, someone was hurt, killed, raped whatever and it just gets wiped away as if it never happened? All so people who may not want to marry, live near or employ a violent criminal won’t have the opportunity to screen them out? Do you remember the job of the main character in 1984?

                As far as recidivism rates, hidden in those stats are innocent people that were murdered because society wanted to give a known murderer another chance. I’m just not ok with that. I would rather every convicted murderer spend life in a dungeon than have a single innocent person lose their life.

              • CE 17:37 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                Personally, I’m much more afraid of someone with Bill Binns’s worldview coming into power and making decisions than I am of being the victim of a criminal.

              • Ephraim 18:49 on 2021-04-22 Permalink

                @Bill Binns – No. The mind is developing and people do stupid things. I’m sure you can list a bunch of stupid things you did when you were younger. Things you would never do today. It’s the age where you try stupid things, like smoke your first cigarette, speed on the road at 4AM, shoplift, etc. The number of people who would have to live with that stupid choice would mean not being able to travel, having trouble to find a job, etc.

                As for the low recidivism rate, it’s pretty much predictable with manslaughter and homicide who those people who won’t repeat will be… most people. Same is likely true with the sex crimes.

                As I have said before, there is no correlation between crime and punishment. The same way that there is no correlation between crime and police statistics. How many of the criminals from the stock market ever get punished the way they should? Almost no one.

            • Kate 09:10 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

              The STM has hired a lawyer to conduct an external review of the tunnel incident on the weekend. The STM maintains the actions were in accordance with the training of the security agents, and the woman in the video is facing charges.

              • Kate 09:06 on 2021-04-22 Permalink | Reply  

                The EMSB isn’t going to jump into hiring anyone wearing religious signifiers following the Superior Court ruling this week that it’s OK for English school boards. The government has already said it will appeal the exception.

                Côté’s editorial cartoon on the subject.

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