Coderre and his dirty tricks

I keep seeing items about Denis Coderre wanting this and Denis Coderre wanting that. Now he’s griping about the lack of massive mail-in voting for this fall’s election.

I’m not too interested in what Denis Coderre, private citizen, wants, but on this blog we need to watch what’s happening in the city, so we’re stuck with him. In this case, he’s setting it up that it’s Plante’s cruel decision to deny mail-in voting to Montreal residents. It isn’t. Montreal wanted to have mail-in voting, but Elections Quebec – by its nature, an inflexible and slow-moving agency – was unwilling to change polling methods so quickly.

It suits the Coderre playbook right now to make anything negative resound to the detriment of Plante and Projet. Coderre’s not interested in being fair about it, but simply in sowing as much negative sentiment as he can about his opponent. This will only ramp up, relentlessly, for the rest of the year.