City posts small surplus

The city has posted a small surplus over the last year, despite the ravages of the pandemic. I can’t make much sense of what the opposition is kvetching about here, especially the point made by Karine Boivin Roy, described as official opposition leader, who says “Montreal is under financial trusteeship and is stuck in a role as creature of the provinces” (my translation). Canadian cities are by definition creatures of the provinces they are in, and have rigidly limited rights to raise new taxes. That’s nothing new, and is not the doing of Projet. Describing the city as “going begging to Quebec” is simply to describe how the setup actually works.

If anything, I’m impressed there’s even a small surplus after more than a year of pandemic and state of emergency. But I guess Ensemble Montreal (is it not called Équipe Coderre yet?) has to come up with something to moan about.