1 in 3 say Canada is a racist country

One in three Canadians say this is a racist country.

The mayors of Quebec City and London, Ontario – both of which have experienced murderous attacks on Muslims – have written an urgent letter to the prime minister asking for a national summit on Islamophobia. Here’s a story I happened on from Saskatoon: a Muslim man was attacked, stabbed and had his beard partly cut off while going about his business on Friday morning, and – telling detail, buried in the story – he was “hit over the head with the cane he uses for walking,” so the attackers had no compunction about assaulting a man who wasn’t entirely able‑bodied, either.

Once again, I have to comment on the use of -phobia in the description of such incidents. A phobia is an irrational fear over which the holder has no conscious control. Calling it “Islamophobia” pushes off some of the blame by likening it to a mental illness. It isn’t a phobia, it’s plain old hate, and there are people who revel in the sheer access of anger that accompanies hatred. It’s a choice. It has nothing to do with phobias.