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  • Kate 20:35 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

    As mentioned in May by CBC, an indigenous burial site was discovered during work being done at St Joseph’s Oratory. Archaeologists have determined that the burial was more than 600 years old and included two women and a child, as well as some fragments of pottery and beads. The remains have been entrusted to the Mohawks of Kahnawake.

    • Kate 20:25 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

      TVA counts three incidents of shots fired overnight from Saturday into Sunday, in eastern Ville-Marie, in Verdun and in Sud-Ouest borough. Nobody turned up as a shooting victim in any of the incidents.

      • Kate 12:51 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

        Alex Norris has Facebook notes on the weekend pedestrianization of Duluth Street.

        • DeWolf 11:24 on 2021-07-12 Permalink

          I like this flexible approach to pedestrianization. It’s common practice in Europe and Asia but for some reason, until very recently we had an all-or-nothing approach.

      • Kate 09:26 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

        Montreal fans of the Italy and England teams are revving up for the Euro Cup final Sunday afternoon. It starts at 3 p.m. our time.

        I know a couple where the woman’s English and the man’s from a Montreal Italian family. I don’t know whether they’ll be able to watch the match in the same room, although she cares a lot more about the outcome than he does.

        What’s certain is there’ll be more of a street party if the Italy side wins.

        Update: I can still hear outbreaks of honking in Villeray at 8 9 10 p.m. CTV looks at the match and the local response.

        • Kate 09:21 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

          The success of the Canadiens was marked this weekend with an accolade described here as a park mural although not a mural (on a wall) but a piece of temporary land art. I’m not finding a single overall drone photo of the piece.

        • Kate 08:44 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

          A boat carrying three people was caught in the rapids off Lasalle on Saturday evening, and one of the passengers is missing, presumed drowned.

          Update: TVA talks to the wife of the missing man. It’s mentioned that he didn’t have a life jacket on. Sad reminder that our river is not to be trifled with.

          • MarcG 10:21 on 2021-07-12 Permalink

            I walked by there yesterday when they were doing the interviews and what they don’t show in the video is the large crowd of people who were also present, presumably more friends and family. That poor woman watching her husband drown and not being able to do anything – I have nightmares like that.

          • Blork 15:14 on 2021-07-12 Permalink

            The rapids are dangerous and people need to keep that in mind when doing their recreational activities around there. True story: a few years ago I was at the tip of the Île-aux-Hérons park, where it sticks out into the river and has a sheltered bay on one side and the rapids on the other. A family of three were using Standup Paddleboards on the sheltered side, but drifting really close to the tip where the water suddenly flows really fast and sweeps into the rapids.

            One of the paddle boarders had her back to the tip, yet was floating backwards slowly towards it. I happened to be taking photos that day (link below) and caught the family before things went sideways. Less than a minute after taking this photo the woman drifted right into that fast flowing current and in seconds was swept around the bend and into the rapids. She had fallen off the board by then but was connected to it by an ankle strap. A handful of people witnessed it and we were just standing there, our jaws open, thinking WTF? She was gone in a flash.

            Fortunately she managed to swim ashore a few hundred metres downstream before she got into the really nasty rapids. She seemed shaken up but otherwise OK.

            In the attached picture, the long red arrow on the satellite view shows about where she was when I took the photo. (Green arrow is where I was.) The short red arrow is about where she came ashore.


          • Kate 09:04 on 2021-07-17 Permalink

            Good documenting, Blork.

        • Kate 08:34 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

          McGill University has quietly removed its statue of James McGill while saying the statue needed to be cleaned up after vandalism. Unlike many of the historic statues being toppled, this one had only been in place since 1996, and was more casual than formally adulatory in style. It’s not clear whether the statue will be put back in place.

          • Bob R 08:43 on 2021-07-11 Permalink

            More pointedly than “it’s not clear…” the Principal announced that it has not been decided if the statue will be put back in place.

          • Kate 09:29 on 2021-07-11 Permalink

            True. But I’m predicting that they’ll keep the statue somewhere indoors, eventually, as a piece of value. The sculptor, David Roper-Curzon, is apparently quite prominent (besides being an aristocrat) so presumably the statue has value simply as a piece of his work, separate from any cultural meaning.

        • Kate 08:26 on 2021-07-11 Permalink | Reply  

          CTV has a story about a Plateau resident getting her bike seized by the borough after which it has disappeared into a bureaucratic black hole. Although the item mentions a bike rack, the photo shows bikes locked to a city pole, and the sidewalk in the picture wouldn’t likely be wide enough to have a bike rack on it.

          There were news stories a couple of years ago about Plateau borough getting strict about bikes being locked to city furniture, removing them and hauling them away. Councillors were promising more bike racks. I don’t live in the area any more so didn’t notice when the storyline faded out of the news, but even if it’s not considered OK to lock your bike to a parking sign pole, surely losing the bike permanently is too harsh a punishment for what should only be a warning or a minor ticket.

          • dhomas 08:28 on 2021-07-11 Permalink

            Imagine the outrage if someone had parked their car illegally, had it towed and never found it again…

          • Kate 08:39 on 2021-07-11 Permalink

            Now there’s a thought.

          • Meezly 11:24 on 2021-07-11 Permalink

            I’m outraged! well, at least sympathetic to her plight.

            The young woman mentioned bike rack but later she corrected it to being a pole. After the construction was done, that pole was gone along with the bikes. It’s possible they took the pole and left the bikes, which got taken by opportunistic thieves?

            I guess bikes being locked to city property they didn’t feel obligated to put a warning notice on the bikes. I don’t think it was intentional punishment just bad timing and bureaucracy. Don’t lock your bikes on construction sties!

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