Milano to close Mondays

Two things bug me about this CTV piece on Milano closing Mondays because of a labour shortage. One is trivial: the store is not called Milano’s.

The other is the implication that CERB caused people to shirk work. CERB allowed people to remove themselves from sites of possible contagion at the worst of the pandemic. Given the option to protect themselves by locking down, many people took it, and the trend to blame them for not being good little worker bees (which we’ve even seen here in comments on the blog) while putting their health on the line for low-paid jobs is one that I despise, since it usually comes from people who were able to comfortably isolate at home while complaining about other people not putting themselves at risk.

Milano management clearly knows they make the lowest sales on the day after the weekend, so let them close on Mondays. Their customers will adapt.