Teenager shot in the Plateau

A teenager was shot on the street in the Plateau on Thursday evening and is in critical condition.

Update: this has become the first homicide of the year. TVA’s headline emphasizes that the corner of Roy and Rivard is a quiet neighbourhood, which isn’t quite true. It’s a short block from St‑Denis, not the busiest of corners, but not exactly buried in suburban slumbers either. On the other hand, the Plateau is not one of the city’s usual hotspots for gunplay.

Second update: CTV identifies the victim. He was not known to police.

La Presse has added some detail. Amir Benayad had just turned 17, and he was living in Ahuntsic‑Cartierville. No reason he shouldn’t have been in the Plateau, but it’s not next door. This is one case where I find myself hoping police can sort it out fast.