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  • Kate 20:35 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s been 20 years that the Bibliothèque St-Sulpice has stood empty, while various ideas were proposed by successive Quebec governments then left to drift with the tide. The idea of a “maison de la chanson francophone” was floated last year, a homage to Quebec music, and now that’s the plan du jour.

    • Kate 15:17 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

      The Montreal SPCA is waiving adoption fees this Friday. They must be bracing themselves for Moving Day.

      • Kate 14:59 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

        Two thought pieces today: on real life vs politics from a Montrealer with both French and Irish ancestry.

        And Toula Drimonis on the CAQ legislating for a Quebec that no longer exists.

        I wanted to quote from both of them, but they’re not long pieces, so I’ll just link.

        • DeWolf 19:44 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

          La Presse has been killing it with very good, thoughtful opinion pieces lately.

        • Uatu 16:47 on 2022-06-09 Permalink

          The caq is pushing the Easy button of fear to distract everyone from the shitty way it handled the pandemic. They especially want us to forget the deaths in privately run nursing homes because it ruins their narrative of: private sector good, public bad and now they’re screwed because privatisation was their panacea for health care and now they got bupkis for solutions

      • Kate 13:53 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

        It will no longer be obligatory to wear a mask on public transit as of June 18. After all, only 11 people died of Covid in Quebec over the last 24 hours.

        • Kevin 14:14 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

          Good thing most high school kids are done except for final exams :/

          The highest death counts are routinely on Friday/Saturdays, but those figures are not published directly by Sante Quebec.

          The good news is that May was the second-lowest month for deaths this year…

        • Hub 14:52 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

          oh, at last… after that we can finally say life’s back to normal, at least domestically

        • steph 15:01 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

          Federal offices (like Service Canada) still requiers people visiting to wear a mask

        • MarcG 15:12 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

          The Suoni per il popolo festival has a covid policy which makes me wish the organizers ran the province. “Masks are mandatory at all times for anyone aged 10 and older in attendance at an indoor event, for example: while using the washroom facilities, while ordering or paying for food and beverages, and while entering and exiting the venue. Masks for children between ages 2-9 are at the discretion of their caregiver. We recommended that you wear a well-fitted KN95 or N95 mask. Suoni will have a limited number of masks available for audience members at the door of every show.” https://suoniperilpopolo.org/about

      • Kate 11:55 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

        Michèle Ouimet, who retired from La Presse in 2018, has received the Canadian Journalism Foundation’s lifetime achievement award. François Cardinal outlines her career with more exclamation marks than usual.

        • Kate 11:50 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

          The CAA has compiled its annual list of the ten worst roads in Quebec and it doesn’t include a single Montreal road.

          CTV also tells us about a new app that lets you report on potholes around town.

          • thomas 12:55 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

            I would be interested to see the raw numbers. I strongly suspect the Montreal vote distributed throughout the city making individual streets harder to stand out.

          • Ephraim 14:23 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

            Can we have an app to report roads with no pothole… that would be a smaller list

          • mare 14:25 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

            Since a few weeks I regularly ride with a bike cargo cart, and I’m up close and personal with a lot of ridges, bumps and potholes. According to this webpage I live in a pothole free zone, which is nice to know. I think it’s a great idea, but reporting road issues takes time, and if I want to interrupt my ride I’d rather use the official Montreal app for that, because that actually works. I have reported potholes, broken lights and fallen branches and they were usually fixed a few days later.

            (My ‘record’ is reporting a clunking metal sound I heard during a wind storm, coming from the top of a 30m high light post next to a soccer field. I don’t know what they found during inspection but three weeks later all four giant light posts were removed and the soccer field is in the dark. I feel somewhat guilty.)

            Here’s the page about the app, in case you don’t know about it.


            It’s still available in English, if your phone’s OS is set to English. I don’t know how they’re going to comply with Bill 96 but soon they might make an update and the interface will switch to French 6 months after installation. Or they’ll just ignore reports in English.

          • Ian 17:52 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

            I successfully got 3 big potholes filled within a week by calling 311. In English. I called mid-May.

          • DeWolf 20:05 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

            I use the 311 app to report particularly egregious potholes (as well as other things) and they’re usually fixed within a day or two. It works very well. The one exception is a very strange, deep hole next to the curb near where I live that was marked as fixed but hasn’t actually been repaired. It was a pothole festival when I made the report so maybe they fixed something else by mistake. I’ll need to follow up.

            I follow a bunch of city councillors on social media and one thing they always say is that the city can’t fix things it doesn’t know about… so 311 if there’s anything you want changed.

          • Kate 08:25 on 2022-06-09 Permalink

            I just drop a line to my councillor, but I don’t overuse it.

          • MarcG 09:36 on 2022-06-09 Permalink

            They renovated the kiddy park near my place in fall 2020 and part of the updates were loud plastic bongo drums (which are mostly played by parents trying to impress their kids) and what seems like a malfunctioning roller slide which sounds like a construction site. I wrote an email to 311 in July 2021 (and every few months since) and nothing has changed. I flyered my neighbours and put up posters around the block asking other people to call 311 if they found it irritating. The last response I got from the city gave me some hope, saying that the issue had been forwarded to the “Division des études techniques”.

          • Ephraim 10:14 on 2022-06-09 Permalink

            We once had a large hole in the street and it just sat for so long that I put up a plaque. JdeMtl showed up to take a picture of the hole and the memorial plaque and voila… a few days later, fixed!

        • Kate 11:45 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

          Ricova has been banned from bidding on new city contracts for five years following the inspector general’s claim that the company was not remitting its fair share of recycling profits to the city.

          • Kate 11:43 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

            In a last-minute plum before the end of the session, the CAQ is proposing to cap Hydro‑Quebec’s rate increases, pegging them to inflation. However, since this can’t be passed now, like the promise to review charges for water bottling outfits, they become campaign promises.

            • steph 15:11 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

              The CAQ, a government can’t even give it’s own employees raises that can’t match inflation should quit grandstanding.

          • Kate 10:18 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

            The Museum of Jewish Montreal is taking up new digs in the old Lux building, a great use for the spot, which has been unused for some time.

            • Kate 08:19 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

              Quebec is lending millions to Sonder, an American short term rental firm that’s one of the outfits accused of soaking up the rental stock here. A sidebar on TVA describes a typical Airbnb stay and shows us some Montreal locations managed by Sonder.

              • DeWolf 08:56 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

                It’s worth noting that none of the examples in the JdM story were previously residential – there’s a long-abandoned building, a former clinic, and two floors of a shopping mall. Although the TVA story mentions Sonder sub-letting condos in Griffintown, and some drama in the US, Sonder generally operates in commercial buildings, like former office buildings downtown and the old Guérin textbook factory on the Plateau, or in new-build towers like the one at de Maisonneuve and Mackay. And they operate legally, unlike most listings on Airbnb.

                Quebec needs to do more to crack down on the illegal short-term rentals that have taken ordinary apartments off the market, but I don’t really see the problem with a company that is running self-service hotels in commercial properties.

              • Spi 09:25 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

                Although Sonder is now an American firm based in Silicon Valley, they have deep roots in Montreal. Their founders are all McGill alums, it was founded and based in Montreal for several years until they needed more VC funding which prompted the move to California.

              • Ephraim 10:24 on 2022-06-08 Permalink

                The IPOed at $10 a share… they are now at $1.99 a share with a low of $1.68 a share (if I remember right). So personally, I see it as a long term buy and hold… but that’s just my personal opinion. They are still losing money… but any company on expansion would need to be. And of course, will come a time when they are interesting as a buy for someone else, who will likely pull them out of AirBnB because the commissions are HIGH. Unless they have a much lower negotiated rate.

                And Sonder does AirBnB legally. Essentially they are a hotel chain that basically started using AirBnB as their retailer. They do book directly now. But generally now either build or buy a block within a building, so not illegal short-term rentals… though that is how they started.

            • Kate 08:13 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

              Eater has a list of food festivals this summer.

              • Kate 08:09 on 2022-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

                Sheep will be keeping the grass cropped in two different boroughs this summer.

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